Trails Of Disaster
Trails Of Disaster
At a temperory shelter

In July - August 2005 the century's severest floods caused vast destruction of life and property in Sangli and Kolhapur. People gave generously to rescue and relieve the distressed thousands. The public mood of sadness and disdespair turned pensive, for much needed to be done. Come September and the festivel of Lord Ganesh, lasting a fortnight, impingedon it. Some people then searched for long term ways to overcome the adversity of the deprived.

Ganesh, the elephant faced, is the god of learning and the fine arts. His blessings are invoked at all auspicious.beginnings in the fields of human endeavour. Even the first alphabets a child lisps and learns from his name "GANESH". The festival has broad culture overtones whose appeal cuts across creeds and communities, pushing the religious ritual into shade. Over the past century it is used as a medium of social education. The days and nights overflow with music, dance, play-acting. At public places and street corners, stalls, tableaus, pavilions with educative themes presided over by the Lord are put up and they are seen solemnly by millions, literally.

In Kolhapur town a Tableau made by a well-known citizen's group highlighted the destruction of our class rooms, where we taught - "the chieldren of the lesser gods". The organizers estimate that 70,000 visitors will see it and will contribute their mite. They have cut down expenditure on frills and the like to divert the savings to our children's rehabilitation. They expect to collect 1,00,000 rupees !

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