Social Health Programme

HIV / AIDS Awarenessr Programme

OPD for women and children
Child and Mother Development
We started social health activities in 1982 which continue till date in one form or another.
Child, mother and teenage girl is our area of intenser concentration. Child health, child nutrition, pre and post natal care, prevention of diseases, propagation of simple remedies through trained health volunteers, education in personal hygiene, social sanitation, revival and propagation of home remedies, promotion of self-reliance in health matters, demystification of knowledge - mark the circumference of our activism.
Since 1996 we are active in promotion of awareness and prevention of STD, HIV/AIDS. We have spread awareness among teachers of secondary schools and students in senior classes. In this phase we covered 20 high schools. Since January, 2003 we deal directly with 40,000 dwellers in Sangli Miraj Corporation area. through a team of 9 trained medical social workers captained by an experienced medical doctor. The response from the target group is very positive.
We have helped 80 supportless women from our project villages. On a participatory basis they got 84 she-buffaloes. Their milk production was linked with the questions of income generation, child and mother nutrition and self-reliance. They were motivated to sell only half of the milk and consume the other half to improve their nutrition status and that of their children.
This programme has worked out successfully. All the 80 programme participants own one or more she-buffaloes

The scheme has created the possibility of dignified and healthful life and betterment of the children’s life prospects.

A community health programme has been introduced in the package of activities of the village centers. They were rediscovering for the villagers the efficacy of indigenous medicines. Nutrition awareness education laid emphasis on preparation of balanced diet out of food grains and stuff already accessible to the average-income family in the village.
The programme on the whole attracted enthusiastic response from the people. The village leaders have asked for the distribution of nutrition charts and tables. These activities were supplemented by audio visual aids. This programme received financial support from EZE, Germany.
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