Production center for Housing Technology
Construction with non-conventional components at Sangli
Construction with non-conventional components at Sangli


To develop and/or acquire user-friendly and (as far as possible) eco-friendly housing technology.

To train youngsters in the use of different skills related to housing.

To participate in creation of housing stock for different income groups.

To conduct research related to housing components.

Between 1991 and 1992 a five-acre campus was developed in a rural setting, near Miraj town. There residential accommodation and production workshops were built and equipped. Selection of the trainees was preceded by three workshops of activists which were held in 1990 in three different towns. The first trainee batch of 24 youngsters was inducted in May 1991. However, only 8 of them lasted till the end. Others dropped out for one reason or another and most of them hailed from nomadic families for whome apparently housing was not a priority. The training course was completed in June 1992. In subsequent years 25 more youngsters were trained in the skills of their choice from the package of five skills which was on offer.

Till date our building centre NIWARA has turned out housing components sufficient for construction of 60,000 sq.ft. of built up area for various uses. We have either constructed anew or retrofitted damaged houses in disaster (earthquake) affected locations, such as, Solapur, Omerga (near Latur), hamlets in Chandoli wildlife sanctuary and Dholavira in Kutch. For our last named contribution we were given fourth ranking in an open contest held by HUDCO. We were gifted a block making machine, worth Rs. 3,50,000. Between 1.4.1994 and 28.2.2005 we have produced housing components worth Rs. 28,65,715/-. HUDCO has recognised NIWARA as a Building Centre and has granted Rs. 5,00,000/- as token thereof.

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