Research and Development

Our research and development is focused on cost-effectiveness, without compromising strength (quake-resistant) and aesthetic quality. The following illustrate the purposes :
i) Chemical treatment of wood and seasoning : To use upgraded jungle wood in housing and other fields.
ii) Micro concrete roofing tiles technology amenable to decentralised and eco-friendly production mode. Suitable for earthquake-prone zones.
iii) Ferro-blocks and ferro beams, for wall and roof, for storied construction.
iv) Ferro-cement components for various applications, including panelling of Drains in Desalination Project.
v) HYDRAFORM stabilised blocks for walls.
It can be said that under one roof we have all that is required to build a house.

We take active part in the National Campaign for Shelter Rights (NCHR). In Dec.1995 we hosted the State conference of NCHR.

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